What I really enjoyed about Rosenheim

„What I really enjoyed about Rosenheim is the environment, the city and the surroundings. The team from TH Rosenheim has been really pleasant and helpful, organising trips (e.g. to see Neuschwanstein) and being available for any information, making the exchange experience more enjoyable and easier to know other students from abroad.“

Sara Romita from Italy
Exchange student

Go for ERASMUS at TH Rosenheim

„I enjoyed this semester so much, where I met many people (international students) from other countries. The location of TH Rosenheim is so useful. We made lots of trips to the mountains, also to the beautiful cities around. I recommend everyone to go for an ERASMUS semester at TH Rosenheim. It is a very nice experience.“

Agata Zywczokova from Czech Republic
Exchange student

Great experience with wonderful people

„TH Rosenheim is located between lakes and mountains, all near (accomodation, shops, sport places…) and always someone ready to help you. One day skiing in Sudelfeld with people that never have skied in their lifes, because they are coming from countries, where there is no snow was a great and funny day. All in all I can say, my semester abroad was an excellent human experience where I met wonderful people from all over the world.“

Melanie Serruys from France
Exchange student

Rosenheim is quiet and peaceful

„Rosenheim is a really quiet and peaceful place. It was a really good experience after living in a loud country like Turkey. I am really sorry that I have to go back to Turkey to finish my university but I am sure I will come back here and remember everything.“

Kubilay Ali Akpinar from Turkey
Exchange student

„If you have chance – take it!“

“ If you have chance – take it!
That’s why I choose to study here in Rosenheim and for studying wood process this was the best idea. I would like to thank the International Office, who provided us with the necessary information at all time and helped with all kind of questions we were having.
And a special thanks goes to our student tutors – Roschelle and Sanne – who organized guided tours and many other formal and informal events – Amazing! (…)“

Žanis Vārna from Latvia

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„So even if exchange students are not able to speak German they won’t have a problem.“

„The staff really is open minded and everybody speaks English. So even if exchange students are not able to speak German they won’t have a problem. The classes were really interesting and a lot less theoretical than back home in France. The International Office organises (cheap) trips for foreign students. I also liked to have a bike lent by the university.(…)“

Mélanie Maupin from France

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„It was the best beautiful experience in my life.“

„Rosenheim UAS has a very organized environment. Every room and every staff is organized and educated to any need, being able to help when needed. Moreover, every professor has many foreign contacts and collaborations. This makes the universities of Bavaria excellent for cultural meeting points and attracting foreign students who want to learn. (…) it was the best beautiful experience in my life.“

Elena Trentin from Italy.

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„Just enjoy your time in Rosenheim as much as you can!“

„Just enjoy your time in Rosenheim as much as you can! I was very happy with the professors and their attitude towards the students, the Mensa was great and the international office did a perfect job by providing useful infos and organizing wonderful trips for us.“

Andrea Zitnanova from Slovakia

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