„I love the way TH Rosenheim prepared everything for me.“

„I love the way TH Rosenheim prepared everything for me. I like the city, not so many people but still lively and the ambiance gives me a good feeling. My accomodation is quite near and surrounded by local neighbourhood, which is totally awesome. On one side I don’t feel that I am pushed to only study but on the other side, I am learning to mingle with the society. I am not afraid or feel depression because somebody stares at me just because of my appearance, so, I feel they accept who I am. It’s really important since I live alone far away from my homeland.“

Titah Haritul Ichwani from Indonesia
Exchange student

„I like the warm environment at the campus“

„I believe what makes TH Rosenheim so successful it is unique ability to keep students totally engaged and motivated. I like the warm environment at the campus and the dormitory and the free German language class schedule complements my commitments as a working student. I also enjoy the multi-culture environment. I am sure to realize my dream of being a CEO and being a bridge between EU and AFRICA with regard to technology. As a Master student in wood technology, the course prepares me for the real world. Because TH Rosenheim brings the real world to you. In other words, most lecturers come from big industries giving them the wisdom to tell me the inside and outside of the real world. I can say that the lecturers and course modules are one of the best I have ever encountered. Everything is up to my expectation.“

Master’s in Wood Technology


„It´s possible to have fun and study at the same time.“

„TH Rosenheim offers courses that are firmly rooted in practical application and advanced research which has enabled me to gain valuable knowledge and skills. I enjoyed working with the vast instructional resources and communicating with outstanding faculty members in formal and informal circumstances. Rosenheim has a serene environment with various tourist places and it is possible to have fun and study at the same time.“

Adeola Akinyemi from Nigeria
Master’s in Wood Technology