Feedback from an international exchange student

„My University has a partnership with Rosenheim that made it very easy to study abroad. I’ve always wanted to visit Germany, and I heard Bavaria is one of the best places to visit (It definitely is). I also had taken German language courses before, so I was eager to practice.“

Connor Pettit from USA



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Connor Pettit_USA_Incoming

Feedback from an international exchange student

Thanakrit Puengwasitthon„I love the people here. Nice hospitality like Thai people. In the class, I also study with my friends from different countries and we share the experiences together. It’s absolutely fantastic. Moreover, the varieties of cultures and local people around university are really helpful and friendly. I totally love them.“

Thanakrit Puengwasitthon from Thailand

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Thanakrit Puengwasitthon WS 2014_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Rosenheim

Feedback from an international student

Mahmoud Suha“I decided to choose FH Rosenheim for its excellent reputation in practical education and also previous students from our home University have been there and mentioned that they had a great experience and education at FH Rosenheim.”

Suha Mahmoud from Jordan

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