In Rosenheim – Erfahrungen von internationalen Studierenden in Rosenheim (z.B. Auslandssemester, internationaler Abschluss)

Herzlich Willkommen an der Hochschule Rosenheim!

Wir freuen uns, dass du dich für ein Auslandssemester oder einen internationalen Abschluss an der Hochschule Rosenheim entschieden hast.

Dieser Blog soll dich bei deinen Vorbereitungen und der Organisation deines Aufenthalts an der Hochschule Rosenheim unterstützen und dir nützliche Informationen geben. Zudem bietet dir der Blog die Möglichkeit, Antworten auf bestehende Fragen zu bekommen oder bereits im Voraus Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Internationale Studierende, die bereits ein oder mehrere Studiensemester in Rosenheim verbracht haben, berichten hier von ihren Erfahrungen und Erlebnissen, die sie während ihrer Zeit in Rosenheim gemacht haben.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen, Kommentieren und Bloggen von Erfahrungen zum Thema „In Rosenheim“!

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Feedback from an international exchange student

„I love the way TH Rosenheim prepared everything for me. I like the city, not so many people but still lively and the ambiance gives me a good feeling. My accomodation is quite near and surrounded by local neighbourhood, which is totally awesome. On one side I don’t feel that I am pushed to only study but on the other side, I am learning to mingle with the society. I am not afraid or feel depression because somebody stares at me just because of my appearance, so, I feel they accept who I am. It’s really important since I live alone far away from my homeland.“

Titah Haritul Ichwani from Indonesia
Exchange student

Feedback from an international student

„I believe what makes TH Rosenheim so successful it is unique ability to keep students totally engaged and motivated. I like the warm environment at the campus and the domitory and the free German language class schedule complements my commitments as a working student. I also enjoy the multi-culture environment. I am sure to realize my dream of being a CEO and being a bridge between EU and AFRICA with regard to technology. As a Master student in wood technology, the course prepares me for the real world. Because TH Rosenheim brings the real world to you. In other words, most lecturers come from big industries giving them the wisdom to tell me the inside and outside of the real world. I can say that the lecturers and course modules are one of the best I have ever encountered. Everything is up to my expectation.“

Master’s in Wood Technology

Feeback from an international student

„TH Rosenheim offers courses that are firmly rooted in practical application and advanced research which has enabled me to gain valuable knowledge and skills. I enjoyed working with the vast instructional resources and communicating with outstanding faculty members in formal and informal circumstances. Rosenheim has a serene environment with various tourist places and it is possible to have fun and study at the same time.“

Adeola Akinyemi from Nigeria
Master’s in Wood Technology

Feedback from an ERASMUS+ Student

“ If you have chance – take it!
That’s why I choose to study here in Rosenheim and for studying wood process this was the best idea. I would like to thank the International Office, who provided us with the necessary information at all time and helped with all kind of questions we were having.
And a special thanks goes to our student tutors – Roschelle and Sanne – who organized guided tours and many other formal and informal events – Amazing! (…)“

Žanis Vārna from Latvia

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Incomings_Questionnaire_English_IO_Zanis Varna

Feedback from an ERASMUS+ student

„The staff really is open minded and everybody speaks English. So even if exchange students are not able to speak German they won’t have a problem. The classes were really interesting and a lot less theoretical than back home in France. The International Office organises (cheap) trips for foreign students. I also liked to have a bike lent by the university.(…)“

Mélanie Maupin from France

Download international student feedback:
Incomings_Questionnaire_English_IO Mélanie Maupin

Feedback from an ERASMUS+ student

„Rosenheim UAS has a very organized environment. Every room and every staff is organized and educated to any need, being able to help when needed. Moreover, every professor has many foreign contacts and collaborations. This makes the universities of Bavaria excellent for cultural meeting points and attracting foreign students who want to learn. (…) it was the best beautiful experience in my life.“

Elena Trentin from Italy.

Download International Student Feedback: Incomings_Questionnaire_English_IO