Pisa was „Bellisima!“- Summer School in Pisa, Italy

This course was about the applications of the Industrial IoT and its practical applications.

The application process was simple and entirely online. I had to fill in all my details and upload my resume. The result was announced via email within a few days.

For the accommodation search, the university provided some options. But I was looking out for cheaper accommodation with the provision of a kitchen too. I was along with 2 other friends from TH Rosenheim who were doing the same summer course as me in the shared room. The arrival session was smooth and welcoming. We were given Canteen Cards and Bags. Learning environment was a Classroom equipped with projectors and speakers.

There were also many hardware demos provided by the respective professors.The language was comprehendible. Although some lectures were challenging as it needed the pre-requisite knowledge. Otherwise, the topics covered (RFID, Connected Vehicles, etc.) were also super interesting. Overall, an interesting and comprehensive course for the students who have a focus on Embedded Systems and IoT. I would recommend this course to the future students.


Visit the Leaning tower of Pisa, Arno River walk during the evenings, enjoy delicious Italian food and wine. Travel to Cinque Terre!. We were taken to the Computer Museum in Pisa where we got a guided tour of the oldest computer in Italy.

Overall, the summer school was comprehensive and highly informative. The learning outcomes from the summer course have helped me understand the possible topics I can consider for a Master Thesis. Getting to interact with the different students, the session on Connected Vehicles by Prof. Saponara and the great food shall be the top-of-mind recalls from this course.











Advanced School Experience on “Vehicle Dynamics, Control and Design” in Udine, Italy


I found out about the program via a post on my network on Linkedin. The school was focused exactly on the topic: Vehicle Dynamics and Control that I am interested in.The Application process included submitting my academic transcripts and it was very smooth. As soon as the application was processed and approved, I was informed of further steps to join.

The Guesthouse room was right next to the CISM Lecture Building. It was very comfortable and had an attached bathroom. I did not have to share the room as well.

The learning environment was very rich and inspiring as most of the participants were PhD Students and researchers in the field. So, everyone was passionate about the same topic. The discussions were about innovative approaches and trends in research along with doubts that students had. The Program started with a short revision of the basics of the topic and went further to the modern approaches and research areas in the field. It was hence a good challenge to take. The lecturers also presented their contributions in research and their results which were fascinating to see.I would hence gladly recommend it to other students.

The Institute also organised a guided city tour that informed us about the history, landscape and the local culture of the town and the region on Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy. The specialities of the town of Udine are Ham, Cheese and White Wine which one must try!

I shall always remember this experience of spending an entire week focused on learning more about the topic I like most, with young researchers and experienced professors who share the same interests!




„This summer school – with the topic: Enabling Technologies, Opportunities and Research Challenges Ahead – can really help me with my future projects!“

The university website provided me all the information about the Erasmus program and summer school programs, through this I got to know about the summer course. This course is specially on Industry 4.0which is the current technologies that are most used. As an Engineer knowing about the currenttechnologies is a must.

Co-ordinator’s from both the universities had help me to go through all the administration work in completion of my application.

The University had also offered us a tour to the Museum in Pisa and during the Leisure times, I travelled with other students to Florence and Viareggio city both are beautiful places. They are many international students in the course, we went out for dinners which was good and got to know many things.
Though Pisa, is very small city but it is filled out with 50,000 students so the city is very bright with the people which I love it, and the main attraction of the city is leaning tower of Pisa, they are few other parks near to the city to sit and relax.“

Through this course, I learnt many things from Industry 4,0. Which I don’t know them before and got a full overview about how the things works. This application can reallyhelp me in my future projects. When I was talking with many students from differentcountries get to know about different experience from them.
Overall, the course was really good for the students both educationally and personal experiences.

Download Report: Report_Summer School_Pisa

What I really enjoyed about Rosenheim

„What I really enjoyed about Rosenheim is the environment, the city and the surroundings. The team from TH Rosenheim has been really pleasant and helpful, organising trips (e.g. to see Neuschwanstein) and being available for any information, making the exchange experience more enjoyable and easier to know other students from abroad.“

Sara Romita from Italy
Exchange student