„If you are free in the summer, please pack your bags and join this kind of summer course!“ Summer School in Prague, Czech Republic

I started looking electives to my degree and I saw European summer school option in last spring. Then I found course Online Marketing in Prague in Czech which was 2 weeks face-to-face course.When I found Online Marketing course in Prague, it was the best options which could fit for me. Topic, time, and location were great. Application to the course was easy because it happened online. Accommodation option came from Summer European summer school, and it was Botič Student House in Prague. It was normal student house for semesters, but in summer time there is a lot
of free space available.

Studying in school was great and there were many good lectures. In my course we got different lecturers which was nice experience. Every students had to have own computer that practicing was possible. Otherwise support and material came from course and there was a lot of concrete examples what we did. English language of course was understandable. I would recommend this course students who wants to develop their marketing skills.

After lectures and in the evenings, there was a lot of different opportunities to join different
activities. Summer school offered advised activities for the evenings.

I would say course gave me good experience to my academic and personal side. It was nice to
understand online marketing important for the future and also get some basic how you can
develop it by self.
In personal side, I got many friends and contacts around the world from this 2 week.

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