Summer School in Prague: „One of the best things I will remember is the contact to an international group from almost thirty different countries.“

Preparation: Searching of universities and programmes abroad

  • I found the programmme on the website. This programme fulfilled my criteria best. Interesting course program, good location in an international city and a good aftercourse programme.
  • Planning, application process and coordination at the host university
  • First step was a pre-request for a scholarship. Second was the application for the programme on the website of the Prague summer school. Third booking of the course the actual request for the scholarship.

Programme: At the arrival day there was a come together at the accommodation place with a personal introduction round. All necessary information’s were provided. The organisation was in general well thought through.

  •  I choose the project management course which was a course on introduction level. The learning environment was good and there was always assistance available when needed.
  • The course level was well balanced, and the teacher was native speaker with good teaching skills. I would overall recommend the program for future participants as it was a very good experience.

  • There was almost every day after work activities offered with two local guides who organised all the activities. They put a lot of effort in the organisation which was very appreciated by the participants.
  • There were for example a beach volleyball activity, a pub crawl, a karaoke night, a movie night, and several other activities. The activities were very appreciated by the participants.
  • Despite there were a lot of organised activities, there was also enough spare time beside the studying and course times.
  • A must see is in Prague is the well-preserved city centre. Prague is famous for its night live with pubs and discotheques, also the river side with bars and party boots is recommended.

Some of the course contents can surely be transferred to my future working life, as in engineering the work is lot of times organised in projects. One of the best things I will remember is the contact to an international group from almost thirty different countries. It has been a very good atmosphere in the course and during the leisure activities. It was a very nice experience with a lot of fun and very interesting to get to know a lot of different cultures.

Download Report: Report_Prague Summer Schools

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