„The conference was an ever memorable experience for my academic life.“ – My trip to the 2022 IEEE SENSORS APPLICATIONS SYMPOSIUM in Sweden

„SAS 2022 conference was organized at Quality Hotel Sundsvall. Participants are provided with discounted stay facilities at the same. Sensors Applications Symposium is prestigious Conference which started in 2006 in Texas and is conducted in a hybrid model in 2022. I came to know about the conference as my co-authors of publication were already part of SAS Conferences before. Each publication team need to submit an abstract first followed by first draft of the publication and scrutiny of the applications takes place. (…)


Programs at the 2022 IEEE SENSORS APPLICATIONS SYMPOSIUM (SAS 2022) were divided into separate sessions. Presentations could be either of Poster Presentation or Slide presentation. Each day focuses particularly on a specific topic and journals which are related to topic are presented. (…) On the next day me and my project advisor Mr. Maximilian Wohlschläger started early to explore the city before the session starts and stunned by the Scandinavian architecture style. The second conference day started with a Keynote and followed by regular sessions and the main attraction of the day was Gala Dinner. Attendees were taken to a hilltop where we had an official dinner. Awards were distributed on different categories. I was stunned that I have been awarded “Student Travel Grant Award” among other 5 winners during the ceremony. (…)“

The conference was an ever-memorable experience for my academic life. I was able to meet and bond with people from different parts of the world. Since I was the only master student attending the conference, this opportunity was a major eye opener for me to pursue a career as a researcher or not. I am happy to find out the ongoing research in my areas of interest and there was a lot of interesting research happening. As an Indian student studying in Germany, I was able to extend my international exposure and proud that I have a group of international friends hailing from Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada, and United Kingdom. It is a dream come true moment for me to present my master project as a paper publication in an international Conference and indeed an indelible experience. I would like to extend my gratitude to my project guide Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Versen and project advisors Mr. Maximilian Wohlschläger and Ms. Nina Leiter for the guidance and wholehearted support.

Download Report: Report_2022 IEEE SENSORS APPLICATIONS SYMPOSIUM_Georgekutty Jose,Maniyattu

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