Erasmus in Valencia, Spanien

Steinberga Madara WS201516_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Valencia_ES„In the university it is a great chance to select a different kind of elective courses, for example jewelry, caligraphy, ceramics, fashion design, what probably isn’t possible to learn at the home university. Teachers are very professional and helpful and in my opinion it is a great chance to gain new skills. During Erasmus of course I suggest everyone to travel as much as possible, because each city and part of Spain is very different. It is useful to spend a lot of time together with Spanish people, also classmates to get to know better theculture and to get the best tips about what to do in Spain.(…)“

Download Erfahrungsbericht:
Steinberga Madara WS201516_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Valencia_ES

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