Erasmus in Växjö, Schweden

Blum Jasmin WS201516_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Växjö_SE„This university has so many exchange students and offers so many trips that you never get bored. During my short time in Växjö I did so many amazing trips in whole Scandinavia I will never forget. You have the choice to sign up for trips like Lapland, St Petersburg, Norway, Stockholm (don´t miss to eat a big „kanelbulle“) and Sea Battle. Except sea battle I did all of them and I would never regret it. I experienced and saw amazing things, had a lot of fun with all the exchange students from different countries and brought unbelievable memories back home. Besides all the journeys we did, we were having a lot of fun while going out every week into the clubs on campus, having pre parties at an apartment, watching a real Swedish ice hockey game or just doing a relaxed movie night on campus.(…)“

Download Erfahrungsbericht:
Blum Jasmin WS201516_Erfahrungsbericht_Studium_Växjö_SE

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