„There are a lot of cool places to visit in Bavaria like castles, lakes, mountains. One can never get bored.“ 😀

One of my favorite places in Rosenheim: Happinger See

An interview with…

Zaid Gul from Pakistan – Degree course: Master in Mechatronics Engineering

Why did you decide to study at TH Rosenheim?

+ TH Rosenheim offers English taught Master’s Program in Mechatronics Engineering. + Rosenheim is near to Munich which is one of the biggest cities of Germany                  + The master program consists of technical engineering knowledge, research opportunities and multicultural environment 👍

Was there anything that you found strange or surprising when you first arrived here?
Most of the people in Germany prefer to use public transport for travelling while in my country it’s the opposite.

What are your plans and goals for the future?

  • To explore Europe
  • Completing my Master’s

Do you have any tips for other international students coming to Rosenheim? Learn German till intermediate level before coming here.

Download: Interview_Zaid Gul

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