„It was a good time to stay in Bavaria – enjoy the culture, the place and the people here“

An interview with…

Szu-En Lai – Exchange student at TH Rosenheim from Taiwan

Why did you decide to study at TH Rosenheim?
TH Rosenheim is one of my home school’s sister school.

What do you particularly like about TH Rosenheim?
The place is really nice, there are some river or lake close by, and people are nice. They are kindly to help you if you need it 🙂

Was there anything that you found strange or surprising when you first arrived here?
I would say the environment, firstly see Rosenheim on the map I thought it was just a small town and nothing special but when I reached here it was totally different, it is really nice place.

What are your favorite places in Rosenheim and why?
Simssee, it is a lake. Even I have to ride my bike for 30 minutes, I still love to go – it is so nice there !!!

Download: Interview_Lai, Szu-En

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